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Robert Metzger

Robert Metzger

Robert Metzger is a PMC member of the Apache Flink project and a co-founder and an engineering lead at Ververica. He is the author of many Flink components including the Kafka and YARN connectors. Robert studied Computer Science at TU Berlin and worked at IBM Germany and at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose. He is a frequent speaker at conferences such as the Hadoop Summit, ApacheCon and meetups around the world.
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by Robert Metzger November 18, 2019

Announcing Flink Community Packages

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Flink Community Packages — a website that showcases the work of the community to push forward the ecosystem surrounding Apache Flink®. Users can...

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by Robert Metzger September 05, 2018

Announcing Data Artisans Platform 1.2 with major new Enterprise Security features

Today, data Artisans is announcing the availability of data Artisans Platform 1.2, with major new Enterprise Security features.Alongside this new release, data Artisans is also announcing the...

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by Robert Metzger June 18, 2018

Getting Started with Ververica Platform on Google Kubernetes Engine

Overview Ververica Platform is a production-ready platform for stream processing with Apache Flink®. The Platform includes open source Apache Flink, a stateful stream processing and event-driven...

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by Robert Metzger January 11, 2018

How To Size Your Apache Flink® Cluster: A Back-of-the-Envelope Calculation

A favorite session from Flink Forward Berlin 2017 was Robert Metzger's "Keep It Going: How to Reliably and Efficiently Operate Apache Flink". One of the topics that Robert touches on is how to ...

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by Robert Metzger September 02, 2015

Kafka + Flink: A Practical, How-To Guide

A very common use case for Apache Flink™ is stream data movement and analytics. More often than not, the data streams are ingested from Apache Kafka, a system that provides durability and pub/sub...

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