About Us

Ververica is the company founded by the original creators of the open source stream processing framework Apache Flink.

Who we are

Ververica's mission is to power the core business of every company with cutting-edge real-time stream processing technology. In order to do that, the team at Ververica focuses on building the best technology available for stream processing, while at the same time creating a global and open community around this technology.

We build and develop Ververica Platform, a stream processing platform that enables every enterprise to power their real-time business and use a production-grade streaming infrastructure while at the same time we actively contribute and participate in the open source Apache Flink® community, the underlying technology framework of Ververica Platform itself.

Check our story and embark on our stream processing journey below! 

Our Story

Veverica (formerly data Artisans) was founded in 2014 as a spinoff of a research group at TU Berlin that developed a real time, distributed data processing platform. After founding the company, we open sourced the data processing framework to the Apache Software Foundation as Apache Flink®. We soon embarked on a journey of developing Apache Flink® in the open source and spearheading the adoption of the open source framework across the world. 

In 2017, we introduced dA Platform (now called Ververica Platform) to the market: A stream processing platform with Apache Flink aiming at streamlining the lifecycle management and operationalizing stateful stream processing in production.

In 2019, data Artisans joined forces with Alibaba and was renamed to Ververica, bringing Ververica Platform to the market while continuing and expanding its contributions to Apache Flink®.

Our History

The Values That Guide Us


Customer First

Bringing value to our customers is our true north as we want to enable every organization to realize the power of stream processing technology. 


Our People

Our people are the important asset in order to accomplish our mission of powering every company with stream processing technology.


One Team

We are one inclusive and diverse team that works towards the same, common goals and having fun together. 

Our Team

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