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Markos Sfikas

Markos Sfikas

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by Markos Sfikas February 12, 2019

Smart Systems IoT Use Case with open source Kafka, Flink & CrateDB

The Smart Systems IoT Use Case IoT systems use data and artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor, control, or predict the behavior of internet-connected devices. They are the basis for new smart...

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by Markos Sfikas November 16, 2018

Stream processing: An Introduction to Event Time in Apache Flink

Apache Flink supports multiple notions of time for stateful stream processing. This post focuses on event time support in Apache Flink. In the following sections we define what event time is with ...

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by Markos Sfikas November 09, 2018

Broadcast State Pattern in Apache Flink: 4 important considerations

This post explores the Broadcast State pattern that was introduced in Apache Flink 1.5.0. In the following sections, we describe what is a Broadcast State Pattern, how Broadcast State differs from...

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by Markos Sfikas October 22, 2018

Community Update: October 2018 Apache Flink Bay Area Meetup

On October 11 MapR and data Artisans held their first mutual Apache Flink Meetup in the Bay Area with more than 40 attendees. The Flink community enjoyed a packed agenda with detailed talks and...

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by Markos Sfikas October 09, 2018

An introduction to ACID guarantees and transaction processing

Last month we introduced Ververica Streaming Ledger, our new technology that brings serializable, distributed ACID transactions directly on data streams. In this blog post, we take a step back to...

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