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Ververica Platform is a production-ready stream processing platform powered by open source Apache Flink®.

Ververica Platform enables the modern enterprise to build, operate, and run streaming applications in a secure, frictionless, scalable, and cost-efficient manner. The Platform allows you to harness the power of stream processing and start building streaming applications in a matter of days.


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Move your data processing and applications to the streaming era

Stream processing has become the norm in data processing technologies due to its real-time results, simplified architectures, and data-driven applications. Our customers are on a path to real-time performance that allows them to derive insight from data at the moment it’s generated―when it’s the most valuable.

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Work with the original creators of Apache Flink

Ververica, the original creators of Apache Flink, have worked with the early adopters of stateful streaming technologies such as Netflix, Alibaba, and Uber over the past years. With Apache Flink and Ververica Platform, we support customers in successfully adopting stream processing and moving their data processing to the next level.

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Benefit from the leading stream processing technology

Apache Flink is the leading technology in the stream processing space. It has been battle tested in production deployments with millions of cores, use cases requiring single digit millisecond latencies and under very high-throughput. Working with Ververica  ensures that you work with stream processing thought leaders and experts who will continue to innovate.

Ververica Platform Overview

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Ververica Platform contains everything you need, whether you are just getting starting with Apache Flink, or have applications in production. The three main components of the Platform are

– Apache Flink
– Application Manager, a proprietary component of Ververica Platform that orchestrates Flink applications
– Streaming Ledger, a library for ACID transactions on streaming data

The following components are also included:

– the ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack for centralized logging,
– InfluxDB and Grafana for metrics.

For production use, we recommend integrating with existing logging and metrics systems.


Application Manager is the central component of Ververica Platform. It manages the lifecycle, state, and configuration of Flink applications on Kubernetes.

Application Manager provides a secured, RESTful API and a web-based user interface for performing stateful operations, such as upgrades, migrations, and roll-backs.

The system supports:

– Configuration and metadata management,
– Integrations with logging and metrics services
– Authentication and authorization


Ververica Streaming Ledger is a revolutionary new technology for stream processing that allows users to implement use cases requiring strong, transactional consistency. Such use cases have traditionally been implemented on relational databases. Modern streaming technologies are more scalable, cost-efficient, and allow for flexible implementations.

Many use-cases from finance, operations, and logistics benefit from serializable ACID transactions on streaming data.

Ververica Platform Editions

Platform Edition

Platform Edition Features

Stream Edition

with Application Manager

River Edition

with Application Manager & Streaming Ledger

Enterprise Support Enterprise Support (24x7)
Apache Flink
Apache Flink_Motiv grey
Stateful computation over data streams
Fault tolerant, highly available exactly-once processing
Powerful programming APIs for SQL, streaming, and batch
Excellent performance for low latency, high throughput
Application Manager
AppManager icon
Managed deployment of Flink on Kubernetes
Stateful upgrades, migrations, roll-backs
Configuration and metadata management
Integrations with logging, metrics, and other services
"Batteries-included" for logging and metrics systems
Enterprise Authentication & Authorization Support
Streaming Ledger
Ledger icon
Serializable ACID transactions on streaming data
Implementation of flexible shared operations on your current state
Highly efficient, scalable runtime to execute millions of transactions per second
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About Application Manager

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About Streaming Transactions

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Whitepaper: Stream Processing for Real-Time Businesses, Powered by Apache Flink®

Download the whitepaper, “Ververica Platform: Stream Processing for Real-Time Businesses Powered by Apache Flink®”.

Learn more about the business value of a stateful stream processing architecture, how Flink is used in production and what sets it apart as a stream processing framework, and how Ververica Platform makes it easier than ever to deploy and manage stream processing applications in production.

Download the Whitepaper

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