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Ververica Platform is a production-ready stream processing platform powered by open source Apache Flink®.

Ververica Platform enables the modern enterprise to build, operate, and run streaming applications in a secure, frictionless, scalable, and cost-efficient manner. The Platform allows you to harness the power of stream processing and start building streaming applications in a matter of days.

Why Ververica Platform?

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Work with the Original Creators of Apache Flink

Ververica has collaborated with early adopters of stateful stream processing such as Netflix, Alibaba and Uber over the past years. Working with the company founded by the original creators of Apache Flink® ensures development teams get access to support from leading experts and cutting-edge technology to move their business to the next level.
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Streamline your Adoption of Stateful Stream Processing

Ververica Platform is purpose-built to offer an entirely new experience for developing, deploying and managing stateful stream processing applications in production: it includes all the abstractions, tooling and integrations needed to run Apache Flink® at any scale with confidence. This allows development teams to focus on core business logic instead of maintenance and infrastructure.
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Benefit from an Enterprise-ready Platform

As enterprises strive to create value in real-time, stream processing is used to power an increasing number of business-critical use cases. Ververica Platform simplifies management and operations tasks, providing a battle-tested solution with first-grade technical support. It addresses common concerns in enterprise work environments, such as  security and compliance, smoothing the journey to open source technology adoption.

Ververica Platform Overview

  • Stream Processing
    Stream Processing
  • Management & Operations
    Management & Operations
  • Multi-Tenancy & Security
    Multi-Tenancy & Security
  • Transactions on Streams
    Transactions on Streams
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Apache Flink® is an open source stream processing framework for building robust real-time data applications at scale: it provides fast, accurate and fault tolerant handling of massive streams of events. Enterprises running some of the largest deployments in the world have adopted Flink because of its powerful model for stateful stream processing.


Stateful stream processing enables companies to derive insight and take action on data at the moment it’s most valuable - as soon as it’s generated.


Ververica Platform operationalizes years of experience working with Apache Flink® users. It provides a turnkey solution for operating and managing stateful stream processing applications, significantly reducing the infrastructure requirements for moving your stream processing applications to production. It includes:

  • Configuration and metadata management;

  • Easy integration with CI/CD, log aggregation and metrics systems;

  • Artifact management.

Ververica Platform manages the lifecycle, state and configuration of Flink applications on Kubernetes. Because it is state-aware, Ververica Platform simplifies otherwise complex operations such as upgrades, migrations and rollbacks of always-on, continuous applications.

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To fit the requirements of enterprise work environments, Ververica Platform is built as a centrally managed solution and is optimized for multi-tenant architectures. This enables multiple development teams to efficiently work on a shared platform setup with strict resource isolation and fine-grained role-based access control. The platform allows you to establish best practices, policies and default configurations across your engineering organization.

Authentication and authorization can be easily configured to best fit your enterprise’s needs. 


Ververica Streaming Ledger is a revolutionary new technology for stream processing that allows users to implement use cases requiring strong, transactional consistency. Such use cases have traditionally been implemented on relational databases. Modern streaming technologies are more scalable, cost-efficient, and allow for flexible implementations.

Many use-cases from finance, operations, and logistics benefit from serializable ACID transactions on streaming data.

Ververica Platform Editions

Platform Edition

Platform Edition Features

Stream Edition

River Edition

Stream Processing with Apache Flink
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Ververica Apache Flink Distribution
24/7 SLA-Driven Support
Off-Cycle Bug Fix Releases
Management & Operations
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Managed Deployment of Flink on Kubernetes
Flink Master Failover w/o External Depedencies
Stateful Upgrades, Migrations, Roll-backs
Configuration and Metadata Management
Artifact Management
Web User Interface
Multi-Tenancy & Security
Multi-Tenancy & Security icon grey
Authentication with OpenID Connect
Flexible Role-Based Access Control
API Tokens for CI/CD
Serializable ACID Transaction on Streams
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Multi-Key Multi-Table Transactions on Live State
Highly Efficient, Scalable Runtime (106 transactions/s)

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